Second Opinion

Which therapy is good for me? This is the question wherewith both men and their families have to face after the overcome of the initial shock of the diagnosis, and when they can rationally approach the issue of prostate cancer. This question is complicated not only for patients. Therefore to get a second opinion is a very good decision. Ask a second opinion not only from friends and self-help groups, but also from another doctors.

The guidelines of the German Society for Urology e V help you to make your decision: (

For the guidelines compilation -which are listed here- the results originate from the whole territory of Germany. This shows a general value and do not necessarily reflect the results of the treatment at a specialized clinic. A further support, which our doctors apply for each patient is called nomogramm. These tools are purely statistics based, and provide an overview of risk distribution in different therapies, and they are individually adjustable. It is important to note here that this is a statistical value, not a guaranteed event.


In addition to the guidelines, the personal anxiety and risk patterns should be considered at each individual man. For some men watchful waiting can be quite a good decision, while for others the thought that there is a growing tumor inside is insupportable.

Our recommendation is that you should talk to different people and institutions in order to get a broad spectrum of opinions and then you can make the decision together with your family that which therapy suits you the best.

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If you would like to get a second opinion from us, please contact us.