Prostate cancer causes only late symptoms – during the early stage it does not show any symptom.

The sooner, the better

That is why the prostate screening is so important. The first medical indication can be the increased level of the prostate specific antigen –shortly PSA – but of course it is just an indication, not a result. An increased PSA level indicates changes in the prostate. This may just be an inflammation, but it can also be prostate cancer. As long as the PSA level is high, the measurement should be repeated and further examinations, such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or biopsy should be applied. In the PZNW we mainly work with the MRI, which is currently the best imaging method, and we combine these images with those of the ultrasound examination or with the histo-scanning. If the MRI scan shows abnormal tissue structures, we take a targeted biopsy (prostate biopsy). The laboratory examination leads to a more precise result as far as the tumor extension and the type of tumor (Gleason score) are concerned.