Course of operation

The removal of the prostate with the da Vinci-System takes approximately 2 to 3 hours.  Usually the pure operating time is under 90 minutes.

Clear case for qualified surgeons

Before the actual surgery, the da Vinci-System and the patient should be prepared. After the narcosis we generally make 6 small incisions on the abdominal wall, and later the instruments will be put in through them, and the prostate will be removed. While the surgical team, which consists of an assistant operator and medical staff, take care of the patient and the system, the operator can concentrate on the surgery from the console. As soon as the instruments are in position, the prostate is vacated. The vascular area -the prostate is located between the bladder and the urethra- is clamped and diverted. Then the tissues, which surround the prostate, are pushed down. If the prostate cancer has not spread beyond the prostate capsule yet, the prostate can be peeled out from the tissues. This protects the erection nerves and the bladder neck so it has a positive effect for the healing of the structure (vessels and tissue) of the anastomosis. If the cancer has already attacked a bigger area, over the prostate capsule, we remove the prostate with the surrounding tissue layers. After the removal of the prostate and the appended seminal vesicle, the urethral stump is sutured to the bladder neck. We place a catheter through the urethra to spare this area for six to ten days. Then on the fifth postoperative day we do a leakage test- if there is no leakage, we remove the catheter on the same day. If you are interested, here you can watch a video of the surgery: