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Beyond the standards: the Prostate Center Northwest offers special services which are really patient-oriented.

Here you can read more about our special services:

Patient-Concierge: Doris Noetzel’s task is to make sure that everything that we do for our patients, meets with their personal needs and requirements. This includes for example the preparation of a personal treatment plan, an individual counseling in accordance with the latest scientific findings, and deals with the arrangement of accommodation for the relatives and family members.

Case manager: The patient admission, the patient treatment and the discharge are all the steps which are associated with formalities. To relieve our patients from these formalities during their stay in our hospital, our case managers take the successful control. This provides a complete documentation. The case managers’ work results smooth implementation of the therapy and the shortest hospital stay for our patients.


Treatment plan: Even if we are talking about the same disease, each person is different. Because of this, we bring with us different requirements and expectations. During patient admission we give individual treatment plan to our patients. On this individual treatment plan we write down all the services what the patient is going to receive (therapeutic, physiotherapists, care). In this way the patients receive a clear schedule with all therapeutic measures. Of course we also offer a wide selection of optional services which are available for our patients on request. You can find more information in our flyer: ’Wahlleistungen’. The PZNW is certified by DEKRA. Please click here to view the certification.