Living with the disease

In April 2008, 13 prostate cancer patients have founded the Prostate Cancer Self-help Group Gronau- shortly called PKSHG.

Informed patients with courage

Today the non-profit association has 34 members aged from 56 to 80 years. They come from northwestern Münsterland, from the neighboring regions called Niedersachsen, and from Twente, Netherlands. At the monthly meetings usually 24 to 26 members gather together. The focus is on the patient informing about prostate diseases as well as the treatment options, and of course the open and confidential information exchange in connection with prostate cancer: we support one another in the selection of the physician and the therapeutic option, we support one another in incontinence or sexuality problems direct after the surgery, or we are just dealing with the issue. Who is suddenly diagnosed with prostate cancer, in our supportive, lively group he can find useful information beyond medical perspective. The self-help group meets monthly at the training center of the PZNW. Here the necessary technical equipments, furthermore entertainment can be found. Membership costs one euro monthly. The actual costs for seminars, programs and travel are covered by subsidies from various sources – such as the National Association of Self-Help Groups.


Bernd Flötenmeyer, Tel. 02555 3210641


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