The History

One of the leaders of robot-assisted prostate surgery in Germany

The Prostate Center Northwest was founded in 2004 and it was certified in 2010. Within a short time period it has become the most significant prostate center worldwide.

In 2011, more than 1000 robot-assisted surgery were made by the team with the leadership of Dr. med. Jörn H. Witt, who is the Chief Physician of the urological department of St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau. From 2006, altogether 4800 surgeries were made here.

The da Vinci-System was developed in the 80’s, by the U.S. Army’s medical researchers. The robot’s purpose was to let the surgeon operate from distance in the war zone.

Shortly after, this system was applied in the civil society: 77% of the prostate surgeries were performed by the da Vinci-System in the USA.

Despite of this, to find a supporter was difficult for the da Vinci-Sytem in Germany. Dr. Jörn H. Witt was among the first to use the system in this country.

Foremost in Germany the St. Antonius-Hospital applied this system as an operation standard. Ever since open surgery was not performed in our hospital because of the success of the da Vinci-System.

Up to now a very few general insured patient had to pay an additional price to have a surgery with the da Vinci-System. The PZNW is the leader hospital worldwide, according to the total numbers of the performed prostate surgeries with the da Vinci-System.

Owing to the growing experiences, Dr. Witt could almost reduce to zero the complications like thrombosis, arterial injuries and bowel resections. The patients are grateful for this: from 2006 the PZNW’s patients’ number doubles every year.

Besides the surgeries performed with the da Vinci-System, the diagnostic and therapeutic options of prostate cancer, benign prostatic hypertrophy have improved a lot in our hospital.

Dr. Jörn H. Witt is the most experienced robotic surgeon in Germany. He is an instructor of the da Vinci-Technology, and the co-founder of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Roboter-assistierte Urologie e.V; founded in 2007.