If the suspicion of a benign prostate enlargement is confirmed, the patients have the opportunity to treat it with medicines or surgically. For medicinal treatment herbal preparation (herbal medicines) and two chemically made agent groups are used. While the effect of the herbal preparations is not verified scientifically, for α-1 receptor blockers such as Tamsulosin = Alna ® and Omnic ® or for 5-α-reductase inhibitor e.g. Finasteride =Proscar ® the effect is verified scientifically.  Both agent groups inhibit the action of testosterone on the prostate. They are responsible for a reduced prostate, thus the complaints can be well controlled for years.

If the medicinal treatment is no longer sufficient to alleviate the symptoms, or the kidney is considered to be seriously affected, the benign enlargement can be enucleated. For this we apply two accepted standard procedures: the minimal invasive removal of the unwanted tissues with loops through the urethra (transurethral resection) or in case of greatly enlargement we apply the open surgery (suprapubic resection of the prostate). However the open surgery is often inconvenient for the patient. Patients lose their fertility- but they do not lose the erection and the orgasm.