As a victim of prostate cancer, you are an expert of your disease. Would you have been happy if you had had the possibility to ask information or help from other people, who are suffering from the same disease? During the first conversation a lot of men answer that they would have been thankful, if they had had the possibility to talk with someone about their problem. Wear this ribbon to show the other people that you are an expert of this topic, and that you are ready to share your experiences. Knowledge helps overcome the taboos, and perhaps it can save lives. In the U.S; people are expected to wear bracelets and badges to profess their diseases. Thus everyone can speak about their malady. We support these ideas, and we offer our patients a blue ribbon, which indicates, that ‘I have experience with prostate cancer’. Men don’t -or rather late- talk about their complaints, and only 10% take advantage of the check-up.  Perhaps the wearing of the blue ribbon will change the health consciousness and the communication about cancer.

We would kindly send you a ribbon. Please contact us.