Prostate cancer is not only a disease of the organ. It also brings significant psychological and social burden for the patients.

Psycho-oncological and nutrition counseling

New power, flexibility and confidence building

The psycho-oncology is the interdisciplinary form of psychotherapy, which deals exactly with this topic. That is why we offer our patients the opportunity to the oncological counseling, before they participate in the follow-up treatment (Rehab). So they learn how to handle the evolved stress situations, thus the best possible treatment outcome can be achieved. Of course we also offer the nutrition counseling before you start the rehabilitation. Furthermore alimentation plays an important role in cancer diseases- like the prevention during the therapy, or in assuring the success of the treatment. Our patients during their stay in our hospital elaborate the best alimentation plan together with our dietitian, Anna Lugt-Widmayer in order to help the regeneration, and to preserve health at home, at work and in the spare time.